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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Back Porch

The Back Porch
Onesome: Entertainment- What’s your chosen form of entertainment in your time off? Do you go to the movies, a concert or just sit and read or indulge in your hobbies?

Almost all of the above. I watch movies or TV at the same time I’m working on a craft project like knitting, crocheting, or counted cross-stitch. I read in the evenings just before turning out the lights for the night.

Twosome: Music- What’s your choice for mucical entertainment? Classical, rock, pop, hip hop, a little bit of everything or something completely different? Do you have a favorite band/singer? If you could see anyone, alive or dead, perform live, who would it be?

I listen to quite a bit of different types of music depending on my mood and what I’m doing. I enjoy some classical when I want a bit of inspiration. I like some country western. It’s what I grew up listening to because that’s what my parents liked to listen to. I’ll listen to some “classic” rock like Aerosmith, Chicago, The Eagles, Jefferson Airplane, Kansas, etc. Most of the music that was popular when I was in my 20s. I like Enya and the like. Most of the time, however, I listen to Dan Fogelberg. He’s the one I would like to see perform live.

Threesome: and Movies- What’s on your “must see” list right now? Do you actually go out to the movies or prefer to wait for the DVD?

There are several on my “mist see” list. An American Haunting, the new Pirates movie, Superman Returns, X-Men 3, Over the Hedge, Eight Below, The Shaggy Dog, Bee Season, Take the Lead. There are a lot more I can’t think of right now. I’m not big on crowds or the smaller theatres. I still like the old-style theatres that were quite large so I wait until movies come out on DVD. I’m also at an age where I like being able to pause the movie if I have to do so.

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday

1. What is the most pristine, perfect book in your collection? The one that looks like it’s never been opened (and in fact may never have been)? Whose binding is uncracked, the corners still perfect? For the most part all of my books look this way.

2. Why is that book so perfect? Was it a gift? Is it a coffee table book too beautiful to use? Something you simply have no interest in and haven’t bothered to open? I’m very careful of the books when I read and when I store them. I always use a bookmark to keep track of my place, I never open it far enough to crack the spine, the fly leaves are always put aside when I read a book with one. The only books that look like they’ve been read are text books, books I’ve used for research, or pre-owned books.

I have always been taught to treat books with respect. Books that I keep to reread are treated like old friends and old friends are kept for a lifetime.